Navigate B1+ Intermediate

Cùng với giáo trình Navigate B1 Pre-intermediate.Đây là giáo trình luyện nghe tiếng Anh khá hay trình độ B1 khung chuẩn châu Âu với 4 CDs luyện nghe đính kèm . Nó giúp các bạn luyện B1 một số nội dung: 

       Download 4 CDs (mp3);
       Download Ebook (pdf).
  • Your direct route to English success;
  • Based on the Oxford 3000™ so learners are only covering the most relevant vocabulary for them;
    Driven by learning outcomes and end goals of adult learners, so that learners can make the most of their time;
  • Truly adult and truly international;
  • Information-rich topics and texts immerse adult learners in themes and issues from around the world so that learning English is more relevant;
  • Based on extensive academic and classroom research;
  • Learner materials have been thoroughly tested and piloted in ELT classrooms across the world – giving teachers confidence that it works;
  • Innovative approach to skills development based on academic research helps your learners to listen and read for tomorrow.

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